McConaughey Is Magnum P.I.?

The long rumored “Magnum P.I.” movie adaptation is back in the gossip talk again after seemingly dying on the vine last year.

Teletext UK reports that “Dodgeball” director Rawson Marshall Thurber has finished his redraft of the script and in a surprise move has selected much of the cast already.

The report lists that Matthew McConaughey will play Magnum, Steve Zahn will be his friend Rick, Tyrese Gibson the chopper flying T.C., and William H. Macy as British landlord Higgins.

This is strange as all but Tyrese played somewhat similar roles in 2005’s film adaptation of the Clive Cussler adventure novel “Sahara” – a good fun action film which sadly bombed at the box-office.

Also strange – a Magnum without chest hair, blasphemy!! – but at least anyone who has picked up a tabloid mag in the past twelve months has an idea of what McConaughey would look like dressed only in facial hair and running shorts.

The plan is to stick with the idea of Magnum and his friends being war veterans – though Iraq war rather than Vietnam.