McBride Penning Hick Heist Tale

Out doing promotions for “Your Highness”, actor/comedian/writer Danny McBride tells GQ that he already has plans for an upcoming project based on a screenplay he wrote with Jody Hill (“Eastbound & Down,” “The Foot Fist Way”).

He tells the magazine that the story is based on a real-life 1997 bank robbery in Charlotte – “These rednecks robbed Loomis Fargo for over $17 million. And they would have gotten away with it, except they stayed in the town they were living in. They literally moved from trailers into the richest neighborhoods in town, lived like kings, bought their wives tit jobs. Jody wants to make it like a southern Godfather.”

McBride and Green are working on several projects including turning a bare-knuckle boxing doco into TV series, and helping establish a show about a hitman which several Australian filmmakers are trying to set up at HBO. This ‘hick heist’ film however would be one of the few McBride wants to star in.