McAdams, Mirren, Penn In Play

Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren and Robin Wright Penn are in negotiations to join Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Jason Bateman in Universal Pictures “State of Play” reports the trades.

This adaptation of the acclaimed BBC miniseries follows a congressman (Norton) and his former campaign manager-turned journalist (Pitt) who find themselves on opposite sides after the politician’s research assistant and mistress turns up dead.

McAdams will play the youngest reporter at Washington Globe who becomes caught up in the middle of the career-making story.

Mirren will play the newspaper’s steely editor, a role undertaken by Bill Nighy in the original mini. Wright Penn will play the congressman’s estranged wife. She becomes romantically involved with Pitt’s journalist character.

Matthew Michael Carnahan and Tony Gilroy worked on the script which Kevin Macdonald is directing.