McAdams Joins DePalma’s “Passion”

Rachel McAdams is in talks to star in Brian De Palma’s $20 million thriller “Passion” reports Thompson on Hollywood.

A remake of Alain Corneau’s recent French murder tale “Crime d’Amour”, the original followed an older female executive (Kristin Scott Thomas) who takes revenge on her protege (Ludivine Sagnier). De Palma’s take however swaps out the protege for a boss who has stolen the woman’s idea.

The aim is to do his trademark eroticism meets Hitchcock-style suspense akin to De Palma’s “Dressed to Kill” and “Body Double”. If McAdams joins she’ll be re-teaming with her “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows” co-star Noomi Rapace on the film which begins shooting March 5th in Berlin. Said Ben Said (“Carnage”) is producing.