Matthew Vaughn Talks “Kick-Ass”

Matthew Vaughn (“Stardust,” “Layer Cake”) tells AICN that his upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass” is “definitely the best movie I’ve ever made”.

The film was test screened three days ago and “The test scores… I’m not even going to tell you what they were because you wouldn’t believe me. They were just phenomenal. And two of the things that were singled out for praise was that it was unique – it was like nothing anyone had seen before – and that it was fun.” He adds that one viewer described it as ‘teenage Tarantino’.

Despite the bloody violence, the film eschews a gritty look – “I thought let’s do the opposite; let’s make it glossy, so you could easily see these characters in SPIDER-MAN. but it’s like ‘What would happen if Spider-Man were in the real world?'”

He and Millar already have “the funniest, coolest idea for a sequel that we would only be able to get away with if the film does well.”