Matthew McConaughey Is “Born to Run”

Matthew McConaughey has become attached to star in a film adaptation of Christopher McDougall’s 2009 novel “Born to Run” at Di Bonaventura Pictures, Outlaw Productions and LD Entertainment.

The story centers on an award-winning journalist who teams up with an injury-plagued runner on a journey to the deadly Copper Canyons in Mexico. Their aim is to discover the secrets of the Tarahumara Indians, tribesman who can run hundreds of miles without rest or sustaining injuries.

The journalist soon prepares to take part in a fifty-mile race through Tarahumara country against the tribe and a number of American runners, including an ultra-marathoner, a young surfer and another barefoot running prodigy.

The book spent almost four years at the top of the best-seller list and helped kick start the ‘barefoot-style’ running shoe industry. Matthew Michael Carnahan (“World War Z”) wrote the screenplay adaptation while Mickey Liddell, Deborah Jelin Newmyer and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are producing.

Source: Deadline