Matthew Goode Goes To Bondi For “Man”

British actor Matthew Goode (“Watchmen,” “Leap Year”) has joined Jonathan Teplitzky’s Australian-set romantic comedy “Burning Man” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Goode plays an English chef with a hot restaurant on Sydney’s Bondi Beach trying to get his life together and re-establish his relationship with his son. Things aren’t helped by all the gorgeous women that surround him.

Amongst that bevy of beauties are the likes of Rachel Griffiths (“Brothers and Sisters”), Bojana Novakovic (“Edge of Darkness”), Essie Davis (“Australia”), Kerry Fox (“Shallow Grave”), Kate Beahan (“Flightplan”) and Gia Carides (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”).

Teplitzky and Andy Paterson will produce. Shooting will shortly take place on location in Sydney.