Mattel’s “Hot Wheels” Gets Into Gear

Adding to their plans for their live-action “Barbie” movie, Mattel is finally moving forward with a film based on their popular “Hot Wheels” toys.

Barry Waldo, VP for entertainment and marketing for Mattel, tells Variety that “We always start out not wanting to make a long toy commercial. We want to make a credible story that will make people go to the theater.”

He goes on to say that “There’s a huge scope of what you can do. It’s a billion-dollar brand for us. We want to continue making it relevant for kids. We won’t have the cars talk. That would be off brand position for us. It won’t be another ‘Knight Rider,’ I promise that.”

The project, which McG was attached to direct way back in 2003, joins the likes of “He-Man”, “Max Steel” and this year’s upcoming “G.I. Joe” as toy lines set to become live-action films.