Matt Smith To Voice “Doctor Who” Cameo?

He may be gone, but Matt Smith won’t be forgotten in the season premiere of the upcoming new series of “Doctor Who”.

Filming has begun on the eighth series around Cardiff where the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in his new getup, along with companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Colman) were seen filming scenes together.


In fact, video has leaked of a scene with the two actors and both an eyewitness on Twitter and Bleeding Cool report that the scene in question involves Clara receiving a message from the Matt Smith version of the Doctor. Here’s the description of how the scene plays out:

“Clara emerges from the TARDIS on her mobile phone, looking intense and emotional. She’s not speaking to anyone, rather she seems to be just listening… The message, it turns out, is from the previous incarnation of the Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

Hanging up the phone, the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi exits the TARDIS, and starts an exchange with Clara. He asks if that was the Doctor on the phone.

Emotionally, he insists to Clara; he is the Doctor, he’s 2000 years old, and he’s standing right there, in front of her. The Doctor looks down into his companion’s eyes curiously, like an owl bemused.

Suddenly, Clara throws her arms around the Doctor. For his part, the Doctor awkwardly holds his arms out around her, fingers splayed and startled and uncomfortable.

Clara immediately then clicks back into her normal, bouncy self, asking the Doctor where they are. He replied Glasgow.”

It’s not certain how this ‘message’ will interact with Clara. Apparently Capaldi speaks with Smith as well as he was heard asking to double-check what “Matt’s lines” on the phone would be.