Matt Reeves Talks Cloverfield

With a month to go before release, press for the much-anticipated “Cloverfield” monster movie has begun and Director Matt Reeves has been out talking with IGN and IESB about it.

Do we see the monster? “But in this movie, you do see a lot. At the end of the day, it still has that huge scale, it’s just that it’s shot from this point of view. So you’re going to see the monster, you’re going to see huge-scale destruction, you’re going to see a lot of crazy stuff!”

What about the Slusho viral tie-in? “It’s a connection, obviously, back to a reference to Alias and it’s part of the involved connectivity between that and there’s a – I don’t know what you could call it – a sort of “meta-story” that is part of – almost like an origin story – that is connected. It’s almost like tentacles that grow out of the film and lead, also, to the ideas in the film.”

The title? “There were various titles along the way, but the first title and the end title has always been Cloverfield. When I read the outline it was Cloverfield. And ‘Cloverfield’ is the case designate. And when the first draft of the script came out it was Cloverfield. It’s always been Cloverfield. There was this other title that we really loved, and it was again another title that had to do with an aspect of the movie… you would have to see the movie to understand what it was called. And so it was in a way another mysterious word.”