Matt Reeves Helms Cloverfield

Matt Reeves will direct and Drew Goddard will pen the J.J. Abrams produced camcorder-shot monster movie “Cloverfield” for Paramount reports AICN.

That site first broke news on the top-secret project which comes upon the idea of a giant monster movie (the creature in this case being called ‘The Parasite’), but have it all shot with home video cameras by random people to give it a very gritty and realistic feel.

Reeves directed “The Pallbearer” and TV shows like “Miracles,” “Homicide,” “Felicity” and “Relativity”. The teaser trailer for the as yet untitled film (“Cloverfield” is a working title only) can be seen in front of “Transformers” opening tomorrow, and the film itself will hit theaters January 18th.