Matt Damon To Scale “The Great Wall”

Matt Damon is reportedly eyeing a role in Zhang Yimou’s upcoming drama “The Great Wall” at Legendary Pictures.

Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro’s script deals with British soldiers traveling through 15th century China who witness the construction of the massive edifice that will one day be known as the Great Wall of China. They soon discover that its intended purpose is not to keep out human beings, but terrifying otherworldly creatures.

Attempts have been made to film the project for years now, with little to no success. The closest it came to filming was last year with the likes of Henry Cavill and Benjamin Walker attached to star and Ed Zwick to direct. That version fell apart though.

Damon previously was slated to work with Yimou on “The Flowers of War” in a role that eventually went to Christian Bale.

Source: Deadline