Matt Angel To Play George Lucas In “Legends”

“Sweet/Vicious” and “The Funhouse Massacre” star Matt Angel is set to play a young George Lucas in an upcoming episode of the second season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW.

The midseason premiere of the series sees Arthur Darvill’s character of Rip Hunter now working as a director in 1967 Los Angeles. As the heroes arrive to rescue him, they’ve been drawn there by a new time aberattion – Lucas has decided to quit film school.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals to EW that the aberattion has a big impact on at least two of the regular cast:

“Because of circumstances, the time aberration in episode 209 is George Lucas quits film school. As a result, he never makes Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a result, Ray, who became an engineer because of Star Wars, and Nate, who became a historian because of Raiders, slowly start to lose their brilliance, because those things that inspired them to become who they are didn’t exist.”

Numerous “Star Wars” jokes will no doubt be abound in the episode. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” returns to screens on the last full week of January.