Mateo Gil Plans Pedro Paramo Adaptation

Scribe Mateo Gil (“Nobody Knows Anybody”) will write and direct a bigscreen adaptation of Juan Rulfo’s novel “Pedro Paramo,” a seminal work in modern Latin American literature reports Variety.

Rulfo’s 1955 “Pedro Paramo” follows narrator Juan Preciado to his mother’s native village of Comala, a dust-bowl hell. He only gradually cottons on to the fact that all the villagers he meets are dead.

Mexican Eugenio Caballero (“Pan’s Labyrinth”) has been tapped as art director. Gil and Caballero are scouting in Jalisco, Mexico, for a ghost village as the film’s key location.

Shooting on the Spain-Portugal-Mexico co-production will take place largely in Mexico by late 2007 or early 2008.