Massive Release Date Shuffles

Multiple projects have begun moving around next Summer and Fall with some pretty high profile titles being shifted or slotted into new slots.

Most notable is the Bryan Singer-directed Tom Cruise Hitler assassination drama “Valkyrie” which has been delayed a full fourth months from its prime June 27th slot to the generally quiet October 3rd weekend.

“Religious”, the Larry Charles-directed Bill Maher-led documentary satirizing religion, has set a June 20th 2008 release date.

“Body of Lies”, the Ridley Scott-directed crime thriller starring Russel Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, will come out October 10th 2008.

“Where The Wild Things Are”, the Warner Bros. Spike Jonze-directed adaptation of the children’s classic, has been delayed from October 3rd 2008 to 2009. To take its spot, Warner Bros. will release “RockNRolla”, a Guy Ritchie-directed crime comedy starring Gerald Butler, Thandie Newton, Jeremy Piven, and Tom Wilkinson.

Woody Allen’s new flick “Cassandra’s Dream” has given up on its planned expansion after Christmas and will now come out in limited release on January 18th 2008.

“Elegy,” Milo Ventomiglia thriller “Pathology,” and Uwe Boll’s “Postal” have all been delayed indefinitely.

“Charlie Bartlett” has moved from February 1st 2008 to February 22nd.

“The Poughkeepsie Tales” will now come out February 8th 2008.

“Penelope”, the IFC fantasy drama starring Christina Ricci as a pig-nosed girl, will come out February 29th 2008.

“Get Some”, an action-drama starring Djimon Hounsou, will come out March 14th 2008.

The blatantly titled “Sex Drive”, a road-trip sex comedy, will come out October 10th 2008.

“Twilight”, a vampiric-themed romance starring Kristen Stewart, will release on December 12th 2008.

“College”, a Lionsgate comedy, has been moved up two weeks from April 25th 2008 to April 11th. Subsequently, the studio has delayed their animated feature “Foodfight!” from April 11th to an undisclosed date.

“Nights in Rodanthe”, a romantic comedy starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, has been delayed from June 6th 2008 to September 12th.

Jim Carrey comedy “Yes Man” has taken the December 19th 2008 slot.