Mary Poppins Remake More An “Extension”

We know that Disney is working on a new live-action “Mary Poppins” movie, the big question though has been what exactly is it. Is it a remake, a prequel or a sequel?

The film’s director Rob Marshall this week claims that it’s none of those things, telling Vulture at the National Arts Awards this week that this is definitely not a remake. He explains that this version will be set in 1934, when the original book was published, and will pull most of its material from the subsequent books in the series:

“It is not a new Mary Poppins. P.L. Travers wrote eight books all together. They worked from the first book, and we are working from the other books, not touching the iconic brilliance of Mary Poppins.

This is an extension. I’m a huge fan of the original, and I’m a very good friend of Julie Andrews, and I hold it in such awe. There is all this new material – it was the Harry Potter of its time – and they were never turned into anything further than that adventure.”

So it’s more a sequel than anything else, though Disney isn’t seeing or selling it as that. The original film’s star Julie Andrews has apparently given the project her blessing:

“She is a very dear friend, and if she could be involved in some way, it would be very special. I know she is very happy that we’re doing it and, after 50 years, feels that it is time.”

The new “Mary Poppins” has not yet secured a release date.