Marvel’s “Guardians” May Open To $60M

It is a huge risk, but it looks like Disney and Marvel’s gamble is set to pay off. The first tracking figures for their upcoming sci-fi action/comedy “Guardians of the Galaxy” are in with the film heading towards a $60 million opening.

That’s a very good number for James Gunn’s movie which stars mostly unknowns and is based on a property that many, even amongst comics fandom, are unfamiliar with. Added to that it has been made with a quite different tone to much of the previous efforts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Boasting a sizeable $170 million production budget, the film will have to do big business to make a profit. Marvel isn’t too worried though, all the three films so far this Summer to have been based on Marvel comic properties have all made over $200 million domestic and $700 million worldwide.

Source: The Wrap