Marvel’s “Guardians” Extended Trailer, Pics

Following on from last night’s screening of 17 minutes of footage from James Gunn’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Marvel Studios and Fandango have released a new extended trailer for the film which offers all sorts of new footage including a glimpse of Yondu. Better yet it allows one scene to run on fairly long, giving us the best idea yet as to the tone of the humor.

The 17-minute screening included several scenes from the first act of the film. There were the introductions to the characters seen in the trailer, almost all the new footage was set in the giant space prison Kyln which sets up the five character’s connections to each other. There was also scenes where they plan and execute their escape, and finally there was the extended trailer.

Finally, Marvel has released just over a dozen more photos from the film which you can check out below.