Marvel’s Future Is To Spend Quite Low

When you’ve gone as big as you can possibly get, they say the key to longevity and keeping things fresh isn’t trying to top yourself but rather to go in a completely different direction.

Once its mega-budget superhero team-up project “The Avengers” is out of the way, Marvel Studios looks like it may be taking that advice to heart with CHUD reporting that the comic studio is apparently meeting with various filmmakers about making small-moderate budget films based on their various lesser known characters.

The move is a smart one. Characters like Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Dazzler etc. aren’t really known outside of comic fandom unlike Spider-Man or X-Men which were global household names even before their respective film series. Thus the idea of spending a lot of money on films about said characters seems a risk only fools would take.

The smart decision seems to be the one Marvel is pursuing, namely restricting the budgets to a roof of around $20-40 million. The lower price point offsets the risk of failure, allows several films to be made simultaneously, and production of each will likely move at a much faster pace.

Best of all it allows the filmmakers to take much bigger risks with the material which a big-budget film simply wouldn’t allow them the opportunity to pursue. The risk of course is a “Kick Ass” or “Punisher: War Zone” style scenario – films that simply had no appeal beyond their base and essentially won’t make much of a profit.

No official announcement about this potential new approach has been made yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes up around Comic-Con.