Marvel’s Feige Teases Future Boxset Cut Scenes

Marvels Feige Teases Future Boxset Cut Scenes

With Marvel Studios having dubbed all their films released to date ‘The Infinity Saga,’ it makes sense that there has been hushed whispers about a possible disc boxset in development containing the nearly two dozen films.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, during a recent interview with Empire Magazine, revealed that the possible forthcoming set has the potential to include more deleted scenes than previously available including some never-before-seen moments that he says “we’ve been too humiliated to show”:

“If we do a big, giant Infinity Saga box set, we might include – I’m assuming if you’re going to spend the money to buy a box set with everything in it, you’re a fan. And it’ll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you…I like sharing those scenes. And when we have something like that that we love, and which was not an easy decision to cut out but was the best decision for the movie, it’s a great avenue to say, ‘We’ll put it out there.’ It’s not like no-one will ever see it. There are things that we think nobody should ever see. And I think we’ve just recently been discussing that now we can start to show some of our less proud moments.”

Feige also shared a new story about Gwyneth Paltrow and her lack of knowledge about the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even though she stars in them. Talking about filming the “Endgame” funeral scene with the outlet, he says:

“Tom Holland [was] coming up to me, saying, ‘Is that Michelle Pfeiffer? What is happening?’. Gwyneth Paltrow [was] asking why Sam Jackson was there, and the other actors [were] jumping in saying, ‘What are you talking about? He’s Nick Fury! You’ve been in movies with him.’ But it was really something special.”

Paltrow has played Pepper Potts in seven MCU films to date, but admitted in June she didn’t realize she had been in so many had to be convinced outright she was in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Marvel Studios is famous for its secretive nature about the films with the actors often not entirely sure what they’re filming.

Source: Empire Online