Marvel’s Feige On The Appeal Of Streaming

Marvels Feige On The Appeal Of Streaming

In recent weeks we’ve been hearing about how Marvel Studios has begun to plan projects for Disney’s upcoming streaming service to launch next year.

Three have been revealed so far, all limited event series based around key supporting characters from the films including Loki, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Now, speaking as part of a roundtable discussion with THR, Feige addressed the content Marvel Studios hopes to bring to the service and suggests their aim is to ultimately do the projects they can’t confine to a film:

“Well, it’s not a hundred percent complete yet, so there’s only so much I’m allowed to say, or so much they even tell me. But Paul [Greengrass] mentioned the streaming service, and I think that is something that we’re going to be adding content to, which is exciting.

I love your analogy with the campfire, right? As many people as you can get around the campfire and tell stories. Campfires can be different: We are going to tell stories for the streaming service that we wouldn’t be able to tell in a theatrical experience – a longer-form narrative, that’s what comics are, it’s about as longform a narrative as exists. But also maintaining that theatrical experience, which is our bread and butter, and the lines around the block, if you’re lucky.”

Whether that plan includes a longform ongoing series is unclear. Feige has stayed away from the television side of Marvel properties, the only series involving him as an executive producer was ABC’s beloved but short-lived “Agent Carter”.