Marvel’s “Black Widow” Ain’t No Origin Story

Marvels Black Widow Aint No Origin Story

A good half-year out from Marvel Studios; “Black Widow” hitting cinemas, the film’s star Scarlett Johansson has spoken about the project in an interview with Vanity Fair and wants to make one thing clear – this ain’t no “origin story”.

Johansson returns as Natasha Romanoff, the spy and assassin trained by the KGB before breaking from their grasp and becoming an agent of SHIELD and an Avenger. The new film is set between the events of “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: Infinity War” though is expected to include flashbacks to Romanoff’s earlier years.

Johansson says she had a complete lack of interest in an origin tale, rather the new film is set in a moment of real crisis and she has to make it through to “reset in a space where she’s a more grounded self-possessed person”:

“I did not want it to be an origin story. I did not want it to be an espionage story. I didn’t want it to feel superficial at all. I only wanted to do it if it actually fit where I was with that character. I had spent such a long time peeling those layers away – I felt that unless we got to something deep, then there was no reason to make it. Because I did my job in Endgame, and actually felt satisfied with that. I would have been happy to let that be it. So there had to be a reason to do it other than just to milk something.”

She goes on to say the new film will deal with a lot of trauma, pain and self-forgiveness, and hopes it will raise the film’s artistic ambitions:

“By elevating the genre I mean I hope that it can be both explosive and dynamic and have all that great fun stuff that goes with the genre, but I hope that we can also talk about, you know, self-doubt and insecurity and shame and disappointment and regret and all that stuff too. It has many different things, it’s not just that. But there’s a lot of deep stuff, I think, that drives it.”

The film also stars David Harbour as Alexei aka The Red Guardian, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Rachel Weisz as Melina and O-T Fagbenle as Mason. Cate Shortland helms the film which opens May 5th 2020.