Marvel’s “Avengers” Done For Cheap?

If there’s any film headed into production that you would think demanded a big budget, it would be Marvel’s superhero ensemble “The Avengers”.

Now, an interesting rumour over at Bleeding Cool says the studio is demanding the film be completed on a budget just under $140 million.

To give you a comparison that’s almost the same budget as the first “Iron Man” but notably short of such other recent superhero films like “The Dark Knight” ($185 million), “Iron Man 2” ($200 million) and “Spider-Man 3” ($258 million).

As a result, the site’s unnamed sources claim some people have walked off the set, while others hope that once the production runs out of money then extra cash will be added to finish the project. In any case the staff changes have apparently delayed the pre-production process by weeks, possibly months.

No word on how or if this will affect the shooting schedule or release date as yet, and no official comment as yet by either Marvel or ‘Avengers’ distributor Disney.