Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Casting Announcement Soon

Marvel’s Kevin Feige says he expects at least some of the cast of Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” to be announced before the year is out.

He tells IGN: “Edgar Wright is working on just sort of tweaking the drafts with Joe Cornish, who now is a big director in his own right of course. And we’re crewing up and prepping, and there should be some cast announcements probably before the end of the year.”

The quote comes as several sources are adding fuel to the casting reports last week that “I Love You, Man” co-stars Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones have scored the Hank Pym (Ant-Man) and Janet van Dyne (Wasp) roles.

Of Wright’s plans for the character, he says “He wants to do something very unique with it. Early on going back years and years when he first was pitching it, he pitched it as much as a heist movie as anything else.”