Marvel TV Stays With Netflix, Films Still Uncertain

In the wake of the Walt Disney Company announcing its plans for two Netflix-style streaming services this week, the most common questions floating around is what fate will befall certain properties like the Marvel Studios films, the “Star Wars” films and the Marvel TV & Netflix collaborations.

While one of these new streamers will be built around sports programming from ESPN, the other rest ties into Disney and Pixar movies and television shows. So what’s moving over to that new service?

Disney CEO Robert A. Iger says the studio has not decided at this point whether to include films from its Marvel and Lucasfilm (“Star Wars”) labels on its predominantly Pixar and kids-targeted entertainment streamer:

“It’s possible we will continue to license them to a pay service like Netflix, but it’s premature to say. There has been talk about launching a proprietary Marvel service and ‘Star Wars’ service.”

In regards to the latter, he says the Mouse House is cautious about stand-alone services for those film brands, in part because a large amount of content would be needed to satisfy subscribers.

The Marvel TV shows, on the other hand, are safe where they are on Netflix. Forbes reports that the Marvel Television development deal with Netflix is separate from this new arrangement and that because Netflix is producing the shows it won’t be a simple switch over like the films will be.

No word on pricing as yet but Iger has previously hinted about a “dynamic” model, with viewers able to pay based on how much they want to watch.

Source: The NY Times