Marvel Studios To Skip 2015 Comic Con?

There’s no question that as a buzz-producing launchpad for movie-related campaigns, the annual San Diego Comic Con peaked years ago. The convention itself continues to grow, and TV panels get more numerous each year, but there certainly seems to be fewer film panels each year.

This is not unexpected. Rival or tie-in conventions like Wonder Con and New York Comic Con have taken some of the thunder, numerous high-profile film launches that went well with the crowds have bombed at the box-office. Even more dangerous though is that some films were hit with a negative early reaction which they never quite recovered from.

As a result, the mantra in recent years has been if you don’t have anything impressive and strong to show, don’t bother showing up. More and more studios have since opted out of the convention altogether, with the two giants left in the room being the Warner Bros. Pictures/DC and Marvel Studios panels which both still generate much buzz.

That could change this year as “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn was asked in a Facebook posting today if he’d be attending this year. He replied: “Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either”. Later on his Twitter feed he was asked if he was lying, he said he has “never lied about anything to the fans, ever”.

With “Ant-Man” hitting cinemas at the time of the convention, the only films they could push are “Captain America: Civil War” and “Doctor Strange”. Both are expected to be in the midst of production at that time and won’t have a lot to show off. Marvel would also likely find itself in competition with itself as Fox will likely have a major “Deadpool”/”X-Men: Apocalypse” panel.

Source: Digital Spy