Marvel Studios Has No “Fantastic Four” Plans

Fans of the “Fantastic Four” franchise have been calling for Marvel to get back the rights to it, or barring that coming to some sort of deal with 20th Century Fox akin to the way Marvel and Sony have teamed on the “Spider-Man” franchise.

Producer Simon Kinberg, who worked on the much despised and troubled 2015 reboot, has previous expressed a desire to do a follow-up with the same cast and a “brighter and funnier” tone. Fox, though originally scheduling a date for a sequel, opted not to move forward and are in no hurry to make further films.

Unfortunately, in a new interview with Allocine (via Newsarama), Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige made it crystal clear that there’s zero plans to have the “Fantastic Four” in the MCU: “[We have] no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it.”

Feige has said previously it would be an ‘impossibility’ for Marvel and Fox to work together on “Fantastic Four” or “X-Men”.