Marvel Sets Filming Dates, Talks “Ant-Man 2”

More updates keep coming up regarding various Marvel movies in the works thanks to the early press rounds for July’s release of “Ant-Man”. Today comes word from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige who explains to Collider the studio’s planned filming schedule for its projects:

“We literally just crossed the halfway mark of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ last week, it’s day 42 or 43 of 80. We start filming ‘Doctor Strange ‘in London in November. We start shooting ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2’ in February-March 2016 [in Atlanta]. We start filming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Spider-Man’ around the same time, around June of next year.”

Feige also offered some clarification on a range of issues. On using historical settings again ala “Agent Carter” and the first “Captain America,” he tells io9:

“Certainly we could [set another one in the past]. There are no rules. I think the majority of them will be chronological, but not all of them necessarily.”

On whether Kenneth Branagh will return to direct “Thor: Ragnarok,” Feige says Branagh is not attached at this time:

“I think towards the end of the summer there will probably be a filmmaker announcement and a writer announcement and maybe even some additional casting announcements. That won’t start filming until middle of next year.”

Finally, Feige was also asked about the chances of an “Ant-Man” sequel in Phase 3 of the company’s plans should the first film prove a success. He says:

“The answer is I don’t really know. We’re entering territory that’s an incredible problem to have, which is too many franchises to navigate. That’s a very very high class problem, and if we’re faced with that high class problem we will try to figure out a solution in a way that allows us to produce the movies in the way we have…. We’d never want to stretch ourselves too thin that we’re not able to make them in the way we believe they should be made.”

“Ant-Man” opens in cinemas on July 17th.