Marvel Rumored To Develop “Eternals”

Beyond next year’s fourth “Avengers” film, Marvel Studios is staying pretty quiet about where they intend to go with their film slate from late 2019 onwards. We do know there’ll be another “Spider-Man” and a third (and possibly final) “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but beyond that it’s all up for grabs.

Now a new rumor has popped up at Bleeding Cool which suggests one such film could be “Eternals,” a movie based on the characters created by Jack Kirby in the mid-1970s. The site claims “we are to expect an announcement imminently”.

In the Marvel Comics, an alien race called the Celestials visited Earth five million years ago and performed genetic experiments on early forms of life, unlocking the ability for super-powered mutations to exist and creating the Eternals and the Deviants in the process.

The two became enemies, and the story gets stranger from there. We’ve seen some Eternals in the films to date – one in each of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films (one in the Infinity Stones flashback scene, and Kurt Russell’s Ego), and potentially Thanos himself.