Marvel Plans Official Timeline, Fan Event?

With so many films out, the timeline regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a little confusing. With several year gaps between individual franchise entries, are events passing in real time or are some films closer together in the timeline than others?

Things really hit the fan this past Summer when “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was revealed to take place eight years after the events of “The Avengers”. So when did things actually start in this ‘universe’ and what year do the individual entries take place?

During a recent interview to promote “Thor: Ragnarok” with ScreenRant, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says the company knows what they’re doing when it comes to the timeline and that an official version will be released at some point:

“All of that debate has encouraged us. We are going to be publishing an official, and I’m not sure when, or in what format, an official timeline. It’ll probably be apart of ah, I don’t know, apart of an in print that you can fold out and look at.

But suffice to say, only in limited cases do we ever actually say what the actual years are because we never want to be tied down to a particular year and I think people assume that whenever the movie is released is when the movie is taking place, and that is not the case.”

In a separate interview with Fandango, Feige was asked if Marvel has considered staging their own massive fan event along the lines of “Star Wars Celebrations”. He says:

“Over the years there have been discussions about that. I think what we try to do occasionally in San Diego we’re very proud of and think is a fun tradition. That being said, I think [Star Wars] Celebration is pretty amazing. I’ve been to a few Celebrations and the idea of doing something like that … I think we have enough content, and enough fans, and enough ideas that we could easily do something like that, I’m just not sure where or when.”

Feige for now is busy concentrating on the launch of “Thor: Ragnarok” which just had its world premiere and begins its global rollout in two weeks.