Marvel May Have Scrapped The “Inhumans” Film?

The interconnectedness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have caused an on screen casualty. As we know, there’s been something of a civil war behind-the-scenes at Marvel between the very public Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, and reclusive billionaire and Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter.

A month ago came word that the company had undergone a key restructure with Feige now reporting to Disney. That move effectively split the company so that the films of the MCU now fall directly and entirely under Feige and Disney’s purview, while Marvel’s TV and publishing elements remain under Perlmutter’s control.

Today a new report at Bleeding Cool suggests that Marvel Studios’ proposed “Inhumans” movie has been scrapped. Though the film officially still has a July 2019 release date, the site claims it has effectively been removed from the release slate.

The reason is not given, but the division of the company may have played a big part in it. Since last season, ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has been pushing the Inhumans concept from the comics into its storyline, and this season it has been incorporated as a major element driving the show’s narrative.

With TV now under Perlmutter’s control and any film version of “Inhumans” having to acknowledge and deal with all the events of the show, Feige may have soured on the concept. Even so, this would be a major move, and so far there’s no official confirmation as yet whether the project has died or not.

In fact aside from this report, there’s zero indication of such a cancellation. However, the site does have a reputable track record regarding comic book film rumors so… treat this as very much rumor for now.