Marvel Killing Off The “X-Men” In Comics?

It has been no secret that Marvel, unhappy that some elements of its cinematic universe are out of its control, has been quietly doing its best to sideline those properties it doesn’t control.

While Sony has come to essentially a ‘non-aggression pact’ with Marvel Studios about the “Spider-Man” franchise, no such deal exists with Fox and Marvel over the “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” properties. “Fantastic Four” has since been effectively killed, the comics titles being cancelled last year and the film reboot failing to launch following a critical and box-office drubbing.

Marvel wants them and the X-Men back and are willing to go to some lengths to do it. Now a new report from Nerdist has published what they claim to be Marvel Comics solicitations for the month of October, a list of comics books that will be coming out that month from the company. It turns out there’s only one title that has anything to do with X-Men – “Death of X”.

That doesn’t paint a particular sunny future for the mutant universe, despite the fact the franchise features some of Marvel’s most popular characters. With The Inhumans killing off the X-Men within the comic books, no new X-Men characters being created and one storyline leaving all mutants sterile – this is not a pretty picture for the future of the “X-Men,” are they going the way of the “Fantastic Four” last year?

The report comes at an interesting time for the “X-Men” universe on film – one in which the series is about to shift the focus to individual character and ‘young mutant’ spin-offs in the near future including “Gambit,” a “Deadpool” sequel, a “New Mutants” title, and the currently filming final “Wolverine” with Hugh Jackman in the role.