Marvel Heroes In “LEGO Movie” Sequel?

One of the things that made February’s “The LEGO Movie” a hit was seeing DC superhero characters come together in the animated comedy in a way you couldn’t really do outside an animated film.

Although it’s a Warners film, it begs the question – could Marvel superhero characters not only pop up in the sequel, but could they also interact with their DC rivals in the film?

The film’s directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were asked just such a question by Coming Soon recently whilst out doing “22 Jump Street” promo rounds. Here’s their answer:

Phil Lord: “Marvel seems to be doing fine on their own.”

Chris Miller: “They don’t need LEGO to make their movies successful.”

Phil: “It’s really hard to convince a company, especially business affairs, to do something, because it would be cool or fun. It takes a lot of effort.”

Chris: “And then (in) ‘The LEGO Movie,” definitely, there were a lot of behind the scenes legal and business affairs wrangling to get a lot of the stuff we had in that one.”

Phil: “We hope so. Hopefully it will be like another Roger Rabbit situation where, ‘Of course, we’d love to be a part of this,’ but who knows?”