Marvel Has Finished An “Inhumans” Script?

Vin Diesel’s not so cryptic hint the other day may have merit.

Collider reports that Marvel Studios have a completed script for its “The Inhumans” project ready. Joe Robert Cole has penned the script which they are reportedly getting ready to show around to filmmakers.

It’s a familiar approach, the studio did the same with the recent “Guardians of the Galaxy”. That film had a script penned by in-house writer Nicole Perlman which went around. Writer/director James Gunn then came onboard, did a polish and shot the film.

It was a two year period between Gunn emerging as the front runner to direct and the release of ‘Guardians’. If an ‘Inhumans’ director is found in coming months, it means an “Inhumans” film could well be one of the two empty slots staked out by Marvel for 2017 (May 5th or November 3rd).

In the comics, The Inhumans are a race of evolutionarily-advanced beings, created from humans by the alien race called the Kree to fight in the war against their enemies the Skrulls.