Marvel Games Won’t Be In The MCU

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is all about crossover and the linking of its film and TV divisions, but it has otherwise stayed clear of incorporating other ancillary material – unlike “Star Wars” which since its relaunch now counts practically everything as canon.

With Activision’s upcoming “Spider-Man” game for PS4 intended to be just the start of a whole new wave of Marvel-themed video games, could it be that games are also going to be incorporated into the MCU’s world? Don’t bet on it.

Jay Ong, the head of Marvel Games, tells Uproxx that certainly this “Spider-Man” game has no ties to Marvel Studios creative efforts and that others developing games are not limited by forced links to the MCU:

“The future of the Spider-Man console games is with Sony and Insomniac. With [regard to] other console partners, stay tuned. There’s many more interesting additional things to come. But Activision is in the past, with regards to Spider-Man.

When we tell people that they aren’t just building a movie game, that opens up their eyes. ‘You mean we have the freedom to invest and deliver the title that we want to deliver?’ They don’t have to meet some artificial date. We give them time. We initiate projects far earlier than we used to.”

The new “Spider-Man” game has yet to set a release date.