Marvel Downplays “Doctor Strange” Talk

Premiering the new Marvel one-shot short film “All Hail the King” in Los Angeles this week, Marvel President Kevin Feige was asked about the various “Doctor Strange” rumors that have been making the rounds lately.

First up, the short list of four directors that was reported the other day. Feige tells IGN that they are looking, but those names are not correct:

“Well, that article was true, that we’re meeting a lot of people now. That article was not true about who we’re meeting or what level anybody is. But we’e actively looking….We always look at a wide range of people with a wide range of backgrounds. There’s only one criteria: do something that we think is really cool. [Laughs] That’s about it.”

He was also asked about the casting of the title role, specifically whether a major star would be needed to sell the character. Feige says:

“You know, I would say that we’re pretty transparent, right? Doctor Strange would be our – well, depending on when we make it, it could be our 13th, 14th, 15th movie, right? I think if you’re looking to track our decision-making and how we’ve done things, we have a pretty wide track record now where you can sort of see. So, no, a movie star is not required, but that doesn’t mean a movie star wouldn’t be great. It just depends.”