Marvel Developing A “Blade” Project?

Appearing at New York Comic Con this weekend, “Underworld: Blood Wars” star Kate Beckinsale unexpectedly gave a brief update on a franchise about a different black leather-clad vampire killer – “Blade”.

“Blade” hasn’t hit the big screen in over ten years and though actor Wesley Snipes has made some claims in regards to meeting with Marvel Studios about potentially returning to the role, there hasn’t been any serious activity since Marvel took the rights back in 2012.

During the new ‘Underworld’ panel, Beckinsale revealed that there was recently talk of doing a crossover between both franchises, but Marvel prevented it because they have plans for the character: “No. We had that idea. No… They’re busy. They’re doing something with ‘Blade.'”

“Blade” is one of those franchises that isn’t expected to be a part of the larger MCU films, but could well show up on the small screen in the near future.