Marvel Comments On The Mandarin Reaction

Out doing the “Iron Man 3” disc promo rounds, Marvel co-President Louis D’Esposito spoke with IGN about the handling of The Mandarin character in the sequel and the widespread fan backlash to where they went with the character.


D’Esposito says Marvel was quite happy with the results, so don’t expect a future sequel to try and reverse the decision or claim it’s all a trick:

“We thought there would be a little bit of a backlash, but the twist was so wonderful and Ben Kingsley is such a great actor that we thought that would overcome.

And I think the box office said that we were right in making that decision. We don’t want to piss-off our fans, but it’s impossible to please everyone. We thought it was a great twist, we thought it was great story-telling, and that’s why we did it.”