Marvel Chief Talks “Legion” Creative Control

Marvel Chief Talks Legion Creative Control

FX’s “Legion” has been officially renewed for a third season and whilst out promoting the series at San Diego Comic Con this year, Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb revealed that essentially the show is out of their control with FOX being the ones in creative control:

“It is different as a basic rule of thumb in that the shows that are currently at Fox and the X-Men characters are really under their control. It’s fun in our point of view, because it gets sort of birthed out there, and then we get to be the proud grandparents.”

Loeb adds that producers aren’t looking to shoehorn in Marvel references: “We never want to do Easter Eggs as if we’re running an Easter Egg farm.” That includes Professor X who is unlikely to appear in the show: “There’s a whole political ladder that we climb up and down. It’s more like a jungle gym. The fact that the show is as good as it is is a testament to the talent of the people here.”

Series writer Nathaniel Halpern also spoke about the show’s strong visuals, drawing an aesthetic and thematic connection to the comics. “That’s my relationship to ‘X-Men,’” he said. “There’s these images that seared themselves into my mind as a kid, and I feel like this show has the ability to do that.”

Source: Variety