Marvel Chief Talks “Agent Carter” Revival Chances

Since its cancellation a few months ago, fans of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” on ABC have lived in hope the well-regarded but low-rated period drama would show up again sometime – either on the network or another service.

The show’s star Hayley Atwell has been highly commendable in her commitment to the series and character, despite having moved on to another small screen gig on the network’s new show “Conviction”. ABC hasn’t shown much interest in continuing, the network having watched Netflix scoring much more success with its Marvel shows and are now intent on recreating that down the line.

Were it up to Marvel though we’d be getting more “Agent Carter” sooner rather than later. Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb recently spoke to TV Line about the future of the property and he is quick to say that unlike with the films, with TV shows it’s up to the network to be onboard for this:

“[Marvel Studios schedulers] get to say, ‘In 2019, were going to bring you Captain Marvel,’ and when it shows up in a movie theater, [no theater owner] is going, ‘Whoa, hold on a second – we didn’t say that that was OK!’.

What Marvel Television does every day is it connects with our partners – ABC, FX, Fox, Netflix, Freeform – and they tell us when they would like it. So the short answer is: Sure, if someone wants to call and say, ‘We want a two-hour Agent Carter for May 2017,’ boom. We’ll put together the greatest Agent Carter movie we can…

I’m incredibly grateful that Hayley has been bold enough to say that she would love to play that part again. So… ‘I hope so’ is the short answer.”

So for now, Marvel has to wait and see if a network or streaming service is interested enough in a continuation of the show. Sadly, Netflix has already passed on such a possibility.