Marvel Characters Do An Arena Tour

Thor iceskating? Hulk singing soprano? Wolverine on a trapeze? A Guardians of the Galaxy chubby kick line?

Disney has locked a deal with Feld Entertainment, the company behind the Disney on Ice shows, for the stunts and special effects-fueled arena tour “Marvel Universe Live”.

The companies are reportedly spending more than $10 million to make the show happen, with an 85-city tour across North America expected to take place in 2014, followed by dates overseas.

The twist? Because a live show doesn’t fall under film rights deals, the show could include crossover characters from the Marvel Universe that don’t belong to Disney in the cinematic realm – namely the Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Daredevil franchises.

They would be joined by all the characters in the Avengers, and other characters that have yet to be exploited on the big screen.

Source: Deadline