Martin Won’t Pen “Game of Thrones” S6 Eps

Following on from his cancellation of appearances at San Diego Comic-Con and the World Fantasy Convention, George R.R. Martin continues to cut back on his public commitments for this year in order to finish the sixth book in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

It nows appears more and more as if the book, “The Winds of Winter,” could be hitting shelves sometime next year. With production on the sixth season of the show scheduled to run during the second half of the year, scripts for the episodes are pretty much due soon.

Martin himself penned the teleplays for one episode per season of the HBO series during its first four seasons, including the famous “Blackwater” and Joffrey’s wedding episodes. However, due to his work on ‘Winds’, he’s used his blog to announce that he won’t script an episode for season six.

“[A]fter wrestling with it for a month or so, I’ve decided not to script an episode for season six of GAME OF THRONES. Writing a script takes me three weeks, minimum, and longer when it is not a straight adaptation from the novels. And really, it would cost me more time than that, since I have never been good at changing gears from one medium to another and back again. Writing a season six script would cost me a month’s work on WINDS, and maybe as much as six weeks, and I cannot afford that. With David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Bryan Cogman on board, the scriptwriting chores for season six should be well covered. My energies are best devoted to WINDS.”

Martin himself also withdrew from penning an episode for the upcoming fifth season of the show to focus on his writing. That fifth season goes to air on April 12th.