Martin Scorsese Does Frank Sinatra

Martin Scorsese will direct a major biopic for Universal Picturesabout the life of the late Frank Sinatra, according to his youngest daughter and film producer Tina.

According to Jam Showbiz, whilst Sinatra did socialize with crime figures, in this film he’ll be shown as innocent of any true involvement with the Mafia or other gangsters.

Tina Sinatra tells Sun Media that Scorsese is in a “reflective period” and is willing to present the truth about her father.

That means “dismissing scurrilous rumours that Sinatra was a stooge for the Mafia.”

Sinatra also produced the 1992 mini-series about her father and admits it is premature to officially announce Scorsese for the biopic (meaning final signing of contracts probably has yet to happen.