Martin Freeman To Lead FX’s “Breeders”

Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit,” “Sherlock”) and Daisy Haggard (“Black Mirror,” “The Guardian”) will lead the cast of the ten-episode FX and Sky comedy series “Breeders”.

Freeman plays a caring father discovering he’s not quite the man he thought he was with the series “exposing the parental-paradox that it is possible, in the very same moment, to love your child to the horizon of the universe, while being apoplectically angry enough to want to send them there.”

Oscar nominee and Emmy award winner Simon Blackwell (“Veep,” “Peep Show”) will serve as showrunner and co-created the series with “The Thick of It” alum Chris Addison. Both will executive produce alongside Freeman, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, David Martin, Jon Thoday and Michael Wiggs.

The news comes as Freeman is also set to star alongside Imelda Staunton in ITV’s true-story six-part drama “A Confession” created by BAFTA-winner Jeff Pope. Charlie Cooper, Siobhan Finneran and Joe Absolom co-star. Freeman will star as real-life Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher whose decision to deliberately breach police protocol in order to catch a killer cost him his career and reputation.

Source: FX