Martin Campbell Reboots “Blake’s 7”

“Casino Royale” helmer Martin Campbell is teaming with Georgeville Television on a proposed revival of Terry Nation’s cult British 70’s sci-fi series “Blake’s 7” says Deadline.

Running for four seasons, the popular space opera series followed a political dissident and a group of escaped prisoners in a stolen alien spacecraft who travel the galaxy in their efforts to fight back against the totalitarian Terran Federation.

While it lacked much in the way of a budget, the series was famous for its ambiguous morality, layered characterisation and pessimistic tone in a time when other shows in the genre (i.e. “Star Trek,” “Buck Rogers,” “Battlestar Galactica”) were all upbeat and relatively simplistic.

Joe Pokaski (“Heroes,” “CSI”) will pen the reboot which Campbell is attached to direct and will be shopped around to U.S. networks.