Martian Trio Re-Team On New Project

Following their highly successful collaboration last year with “The Martian,” director Ridley Scott, producer Simon Kinberg and author Andy Weir are re-teaming with 20th Century Fox for a currently untitled project.

Specific details of the project are being kept under wraps, including the genre of it, but it is known Weir will write the screenplay while Kinberg, Scott, Aditya Sood and Michael Schaefer will produce. Scott is not expected to direct.

This is not to be confused with “Wraiths of the Broken Land,” the recently announced project which sees Scott re-teaming with ‘Martian’ screenwriter Drew Goddard.

Scott is directing that one which is an adaptation of the novel by S. Craig Zahler (“Bone Tomahawk”). Weir is not involved in ‘Wraiths,’ while Goddard is not involved in this untitled project.

Source: Deadline