Marshall Adapting Archer’s “Matter of Honor”

He helped turn author Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne character into a highly successful film franchise, now producer Frank Marshall is planning a similar approach to the works of another acclaimed espionage thriller author – Jeffrey Archer.

Last year New Franchise Media scored the worldwide film, TV and digital rights to ten of Archer’s novels. Now Marshall has come onboard to help turn two of them – “A Matter of Honor” and “Honor Among Thieves” into a potential franchise with the character of Adam Scott as the main focus says The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Matter’ follows young ex-military officer Scott who, upon receiving the bequest from his late disgraced British colonel father, comes between rival intelligence agencies in pursuit of a secret codicil that could change the global balance of power.

‘Thieves’ is much more of a stretch to adapt as it’s set in 1993 and involves a plan by Saddam Hussein to steal and burn the American Declaration of Independence.

Archer and Marshall have reportedly known each other for years. Shooting will predominantly take place in Toronto, but will likely include international locations.

No cast, director or budgets are yet set but a short-list of screenwriters has been drawn up.