Mars Boys Reteam on Tuesday

John Simm and Philip Glenister, the memorable duo who turned UK time-travel cop series “Life on Mars” into an acclaimed international television hit, are re-teaming on the other side of the thin blue line for the upcoming heist film “Tuesday”.

The story deals with the awkward coincidence that happens when four experienced criminals, two beautiful bank clerks and one desperate penniless man nearing retirement all decide to rob the same bank on the same day. Two detectives must piece together seemingly unrelated people and clues and determine who really stole the Meidan-i-Noor – an emerald the size of a fist.

Unlike their cop personas, the pair play two of the four robbers in this one alongside Kevin McNally (“Valkyrie,” “Pirates of the Caribbean”) as one of the detectives, and both Ashley Walters (“Stormbreaker,” TV’s “Hustle”) and Cristian Solimeno (TV’s “Footballers Wives”) as the other two crims.

This marks the the fourth time the pair have worked together in the past decade. Alongside “Life on Mars”, they’ve both starred in the award-winning 2003 mini-series “State of Play” alongside Bill Nighy and James McAvoy, while Simm guest-starred on the pilot episode of “Clocking Off” on which Glenister was a regular cast member.

The official site for the project, which opens in the UK on October 10th and has been written and directed by Sacha Bennett, is online with photos and a trailer at