Maroni Gets Beefed Up In Knight?

Some interesting rumours have popped up recently over at fansite Batman on Film, most of which sounds quite reasonable and perfectly understandable considering the context.

According to them, director Chris Nolan is looking into beefing up the character of gangster Sal Maroni in the upcoming “Batman Begins” sequel “The Dark Knight”, which is set to begin filming shortly.

In the comics, Maroni is the one who originally throws acid at D.A. Harvey Dent, scarring his face which leads to him becoming the gangster Two-Face. As we know Dent is being played by Eckhart in the film and the apparent scarring is rumoured to be taking place at the film’s end.

The idea sounds like Maroni will have upgraded to one of the bigger supporting character roles, much like that of Tom Wilkinson as mobster Carmine Falcone in ‘Begins’.

On top of that Sopranos lead man James Gandolfini is rumoured to be up for the part, as is Aussie actor Alan Dale who is said to be having a small role as some sort of villain in the film anyhow (whether that’s Maroni, or someone else is unsure), and singer Stacey ‘Fergie’ Feguson of Black-Eyed Peas fame.

Finally another bit of gossip has emerged that the plot is somewhat based on the comic story ‘Joker’s Five-Way Revenge’ in which The Joker, having recently escaped state hospital, hunts down members of his old gang after one of them betrayed him to the police and Batman must stop him. If Maroni is one of those gangsters, this approach makes a whole lot of sense.