Marley Still Tops New Year Box-Office

The Jennifer Aniston/Owen Wilson romantic comedy “Marley and Me” easily topped the first box-office weekend of the New Year with a cool $24 million in three days, pushing the pooch past the $100 million mark.

The film dropped just 33% from its Christmas haul last week which was funnily enough one of the bigger drops of the Top Ten. In fact all the repeat titles held up extremely well with Oscar-bait Meryl Streep drama “Doubt” (dropped 5.8%) and Jim Carrey comedy “Yes Man” (16.9%) holding the best of the Top Ten.

The notable lost this week was “The Spirit”, Frank Miller’s film adaptation of the comic plunging 49.4% and into 13th place. Awards contenders like “Slumdog Millionaire,” “The Reader,” “Gran Torino,” and “Revolutionary Road” expanded and consequently saw big jumps in revenue.

In a two-screen Oscar-qualifying release was “Defiance” which scored a stunning $60,500 per screen average. Also faring well on that front were “Gran Torino” ($33,571), “Revolutionary Road” ($25,763) and “The Wrestler ($24,000).